Civil Law and Civil and Corporate Litigation

Civil Law: Contracts

We have a team of lawyers familiar with the civil law and able to draft any contract our Client might negotiate. We also assist in the negotiation of the terms of the contract and counsel our Client on each right and obligation arising from the clause debated and included on the contract. Our team of lawyers is devoted to the negotiating and drafting of contracts between companies, or between companies and private people. Our civil law lawyers take the upmost care in counselling our Clients in order to guarantee its best interests and to prevent litigation. We propose the most fit solution and make sure the contract reflects just that. Litigation In close partnership with the corporate law department, our lawyers are skilled to negotiate and concluded international trade contracts as well as handled foreign judicial sentences. Our civil law lawyers are also responsible for accompanying the case from an extrajudicial and negotiable phase until a trial and executory procedure, when necessary. This includes the drafting and presentation of the application or dispute, the judicial hearings and appeals. This team of civil law lawyers is also responsible for the collection of our Clients’ debtors.

Corporate Law

AMBS’s team has a wide experience in accompanying our Companies, adjusting its services to the Clients’ need. Our Corporate lawyers are skilled in incorporating companies, suggesting the most proper lawful form and internal functioning. Our corporate lawyers often draft the internal organization documents and make sure they are both lawful and suitable for the Clients’ requirements. AMBS’s corporate lawyers’ have also proved practise in incorporating civil associations and co-ops. The collaboration between our corporate department and our Clients also include the counselling on M&A operations or partnerships. Our team of corporate lawyers is also experienced in managing internal conflicts, namely in the execution of a shareholder agreement, the dispute between partners due to the different interpretation on each other’s obligations and duties. AMBS’s corporate lawyers are also skilled in litigation cases between the companies and its partners or managers, being particularly careful and sensitive on the external damages such conflicts can produce to the company.