Labour Law and Social Security

Our team labours on your behalf AMBS has lawyers exclusively devoted to labour law. They assist several companies, with very different sizes and needs, in their labour relation with their employees, including the counselling on recruiting, drafting of the legal contract, accompanying for the whole duration of the contract and its ending. Our labour lawyers are especially aware of the benefits of an honest negotiation and often succeed in plea barging. When such an agreement is not possible, our labour team will present and defend our Clients’ cause in a Court of Law.


Our labour lawyers have counselled our Clients in the best way to use all possible benefits on hiring people, searching and founding the best possible public support in hiring. All documents are also drafted by our labour lawyers, including the labour contracts and any special legal clauses our Client requests. AMBS’ team of labour lawyers is also prepared and able to arrange for occupational training and to identify programs that support and finance training programs.


Our labour lawyers have a wide experience in managing single and collective sacking procedures, not only in preparing the procedure for companies who ask for our advice, but also accompanying workers who seek our aid. Our labour lawyers are also proficiency in accompanying cases of occupational accidents or diseases. We have also, in our labour team, lawyers with experience in negotiating collective agreements.

Social Security Law

A team of experienced lawyers can help guarantee your rights AMBS has granted, through the years, support to our Clients in several situations regarding tributes and benefits to and from the social security system. This assistance in social security themes include dispute on offenses, either by presenting opinions and studies, or by submitting or disputing judicial motions with the Social Security Institute or other of its departments.