Family and Inheritance Law

An Experienced team to care for your family issues

The team AMBS has selected to work this sensitive law is well known for its awareness to the specifications of the family issues handled and quite familiar with the legal regime on the multiple family relations, minor’s rights, parenting responsibilities and last wills. Divorces AMBS is prepare to accompanied cases of marriage dissolvent, with or without the agreement of the other spouse, as well as the partition procedure of the family’s assets. Marriage transcripts Because of Portugal’s historical presence in several other countries and continents, our team is familiar with handling cases of marriages and birth transcripts as well as nationality procedures. Last will Our Lawyers are prepared to draft wills and power of attorneys, previously counselling the Client on the legal options and the best choices to its situation. We have a wide litigation experience either in accompanying judicial inventories procedures or, for instance, in civil actions to dispute testaments.