IP and Competition Law

Our Lawyers protect your brand

AMBS’s team includes lawyers with a wide experience in IP and Competition law. We have given proof in procedures of trademark and patent registration. We are also proficiency in administrative seizure procedures with customs, acting has representatives of several worldwide trademark’s. We favour a preventive action and provide specialize IP counsel to our Clients, aimed to their needs and in order to guarantee their rights. Our IP team acting in this IP area is also willing and able to accommodate our Client’s needs in any judicial or extra-judicial claim pertaining to abusive uses or their IP rights.


Our Lawyers will fight for your brand Whenever necessary or useful, our IP team works closely with the Lawyers in the Litigation department, to make sure our Clients’ rights are always protect the best. AMBS has also a full corporate department at our Client’s disposal to any transition or negotiation involving IP rights, drafting the necessary legal or paralegal documents.

Internet and Publicity

Our Lawyers can guide in this new very World Wide Web Our IP team is also responsible for advising out Client’s in all internet publicity ore reference made or internet contracts or actions they might be interested in promoting.