Criminal Law and Offenses

Criminal Law

To all, the right to a defence AMBS has a group of lawyers highly experienced in handling criminal and offense cases. Our criminal lawyers are technical equipped to handle all crimes typified in the criminal code, but also in several other laws, namely pertaining economic and environmental crimes. In these particular cases, often both the teams from criminal and tax department are required to coordinate its efforts. Our criminal lawyers accompany our Clients in all parts of the criminal procedure.


As to what offenses are concerned, our criminal team of lawyers pay special attention to preventive procedures, and try to guarantee that our Clients have all the necessary information on the obligations they and their activity require to comply with. In this particular effort, the corporate department is also an important partner. Whenever necessary, our lawyers are prepared to dispute any claim, from the first written response required, to the accompanying of the Clients’ declarations, judicial hearing and appeal.